About Cities Fashion

Cities Fashion is a dynamic ever changing site where you can find classic, unique, contemporary, as well as trendy apparel. We look to discover new designers in these areas as well as work with established companies. You'll find everything from vintage style clothing to Swarovski crystal studded clothing. Our site features numerous printed tops with many sporting rhinestones, sequins or crystal.

Many of the companies featured have started bringing out products under their own brand and have for many years only produced under branded labels. Featured are numerous tops and tunics designed with bright colors, bold prints, fabric details and crystal accents. We also look to the classic styles and body silhouettes that will remain fashionable forever. Whatever your taste and whatever the occasion you're sure to find a great assortment of contemporary fashion apparel to suit your mood and individual style.

Contact Information By standard mail:
Cities Fashion
651 Parkside Court

Saint Paul, MN 55123

E-mail: info@CitiesFashion.com

Frequently Asked Questions

Are your clothing items brand new?
Yes all our clothes are brand new factory fresh with the majority of clothing being made right in the U.S.A.

Are the clothing well made?
We have learned from our customers who have had these items for several years how well they hold up. The fact they continue to order different styles adding to their collection are our best testimonial of their quality.

Will you do special orders?
We will special order fashion apparel and fashion accessories if available upon request. Many items we have listed are available in Plus Sizes as well as Extra Small. Please note that oftentimes it is very difficult to determine availability as not all items are currently available in all styles in extra small or plus due to limited fashion runs. Typically a three to four week wait on special orders is not uncommon although on some tops they may arrive within two weeks of ordering. We do not special order Christine Alexander items due to their minimum order requirements and extended wait periods.

How do we know you are a trustworthy dealer?
We have been in business for over 9 years with and have earned our reputation one customer at a time. We are also associated with yahoo shopping as well as other sites so that customers could rate us and in that time span we have achieved a 5 star rating with over 10,000 positive feedback's from satisfied customers.

Do you ship International?
We ship to most countries and the service is very reliable. Depending on the method of service we choose your item can arrive as soon as 7 days or as long as 21.

Do you track your packages?
Yes. We utilize delivery confirmation on every package without any extra charge to you.

Do you have a return policy?
Absolutely, we give you 30 days to examine your item to be sure you are 100% satisfied. When returning any item all we ask is that it be returned in the identical condition that it was received in. Please see our detailed return policy. We have also extended the return time for Christmas to 15 days after the holiday, also for special gifts we will extend the return time if requested.