Based in Montreal, one of the fashion capitals of the world, Zoe is a collection of women's apparel with a forty year history in designing sportswear for the contemporary women. The philosophy of their designs stem from robust fashion statements crafted through unique styling and fabric combinations. Prints are defined by detailed patterns and colors that incorporate painstaking attention to quality detailing including all accents and trims. The fashion collections from Zoe are the result of their constant endeavors to improve their quality and styling by keeping abreast of fashion trends in designs and production. Contemporary women's fashion is a very competitive division of the overall fashion market that demands quality, comfort and style that is the hallmark of this design and fashion conscience company. You'll find in the Zoe Collection unique, colorful designs, quality construction and comfortable garments that can be worn for most any occasion from a work environment to after work or weekends. Moderately priced with attention to detail you're sure to get noticed all the while enjoying the style and comfort of these sophisticated tops.