Tribal Sportswear

Tribal Sportswear is probably best known over the last two decades for making some of the finest fitting dress pants in the apparel industry. Of late they have branched out into Capri pants and women's fashion print tops. The company is based in Montreal so you can't help but see that bit of European fashion flair in all of their clothing. In both the U.S. and Canada they remain one of the strongest brands names in the fashion world being carried by both boutiques and major brand stores.

Over the years they have gravitated into women's fashion tops incorporating their great sense of style and commitment to quality. These trendy, attractive tops take their uniquely printed designs from the designer's flair for distinctive, up-to-the-minute fashions adding in a touch of European flair. The present-day look of these garments and their relaxed form fitting designs have a tendency to stand out in a crowd and provide a eye-catching look incorporating designs that are sure to get you noticed.