IDI Fashion

IDI apparel is a line of women's Tudor, Celtic, Medieval and Bohemian inspired vintage and contemporary clothing. Using fabric blends and or 100% cotton the styles are uniquely their own passionately created to accompany confident yet trendy women in any lifestyle. The designer's goal of this women's clothing collection is to make each piece of clothing unique as well as comfortable and versatile. These fashion tops are individually styled with intricate tie dyes, special wash treatments, period motifs and added embellishments.

IDI inspired clothing is influenced by their clothing designers with particular attention paid to period themes, period styles, fabric combination and truly unique design aesthetics being incorporated from both current day and past eras. These women's collections are only made for one cutting during each season and once the styles are gone they are gone forever as each style is considered a distinctive piece of apparel to be handsomely displayed by their confident and discerning owners.