IC Collections

Classic and contemporary prints capitalize on Asian themes combining them with a blend of colors in addition to geometric and floral designs producing unique variations of style. Trendy and fashionable, sophisticated jackets offer an array of contemporary and classic Asian style printed patterns from geometric to floral prints. IC Collection jackets are attractively tailored and incorporate the designer's flair for a mixture of contemporary and classic period fashions. Additional custom highlights accentuate their individual unique designs incorporating button fronts, asymmetrical hems, Mandarin collars and elongated jackets. IC Collections contemporary Asian themed printed fashion jackets incorporate microfiber, spandex and acetate or combinations of these fabrics for comfort, ease of wear and elegance. These multipurpose contemporary Asian themed printed jackets are a seamless addition to most any attire providing for considerable fashion flexibility within any wardrobe. IC Collection fashion tops and jackets offer a great deal of panache plus being made of either microfiber, or a spandex and acetate blend tend to wear very easily. These attractive contemporary Asian themed tops and jackets integrate flexibility in design, are offered in a number of styles, as well as provide a distinctive look and feel.