Christine Alexander

Christine Alexander contemporary fashion tops and sweaters are designed for casual elegance and style accented with Swarovski Crystals for an extra added flair all incorporating beautifully patterned crystals. These shimmering fashion tops take an ordinary pair of pants or dress and add a glowing touch of sheer elegance taking your outfit from ordinary to extraordinary. The Swarovski crystals are cut to double and triple the facet count of ordinary crystals making them sparkle brilliantly even in low light situations. Unique, stylish and totally fashionable you'll find these beautiful Swarovski Crystal tops offer a great touch of versatility to any wardrobe and can usually be worn for most any occasion from a casual outing with jeans to an informal dinner with slacks or a dress. These crystal studded tops are a great fashion accessory and can be utilized with almost any part of your wardrobe adding an extra touch of glamour.